February 7, 2008: Alderon Had Weapons of Mass Destruction

One of the things that I love about working in Information Technology is that, unlike many other fields, we are less of a study in our own right but more of an application of knowledge and processes from myriad different disciplines.  Few fields have so much opportunity for breadth, variety and intellectual adventure.  I mention this because I came across an article that was pointed out to me by one of my classmates in a project management course that I am taking right now.  This is an article from Psychology Today and yet tied in with technical risk management discussions that we have been having.  Ten Way We Get the Odds Wrong.  Very good reading on societies inability to handle risk well.

Today was my stay at home day.  Oreo was very tired and slept all day.  There was little sun though so he didn’t get to enjoy his sunspot like he normally does.

Today was quite busy and I was tied to the desk all day.  I barely had time to get ready what with walking the dog and feeding him and getting dressed and everything else.  Dominica was home at twenty till six and our dinner reservations at the Theater Square Grill were at six.  We made it over just in time for our prix fixe dinner.  Dominica had truffle infused polenta and I went for the arctic char which was excellent.

The timing was perfect and it was right in from dinner to the show – which is all in the same building at NJPAC.  We claimed our season tickets, up on the second tier which is rather high but not too bad in Prudential Hall and went off to find our seats.

The seating organization was a disaster and the theater was just telling people to “sit anywhere” even though we all bought assigned seats.  It was really bad.  At one point there were only two people in the entire second tier and they were in our two seats!  What are the chances of that?  And every person who came in after us either took someone else’s seat or had to sit elsewhere because their seat was taken.  I am not sure if a single person made it in and got to sit in their own seats.  Why they felt the need to seat people in places other than their ticketed seats I have no idea.

The show, The Wedding Singer, was pretty good.  The cast was quite good and the venue is a good one.  I wasn’t thrilled with the music and the storyline was changed from the movie in some corny ways that I thought were unnecessary.  The original story was better.  And for some reason they decided to make the musical a bit more adult oriented (i.e. not appropriate for children not “more intelligent”) than the movie and for no apparent reason.  But overall it was a good show and we had a good time.  And it is so easy to get to and from the theatre.

Our season tickets also give us a chance to go see My Fair Lady, Moving Out and Riverdance yet this season.  We are also talking about going to see Yo-Yo Ma and Pink Martini in concert – but not the same concert.  One night apart from each other.  I discovered Pink Martini a few months ago through Amazon’s “if you like so and so then you will probably like Pink Martini” service.

Once we got back home Dominica was right off to bed.  I stayed up for several hours working on my RIT homework.  Best to get it done so that it isn’t hanging over my head tomorrow.

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