October 31, 2008: Happy Halloween and Welcome to Peekskill

Happy Halloween!  21 Days to Baby Day! (37 Weeks Pregnant) Today the baby is considered to be full term!  That means that if the baby comes today we are no longer considered to be premature but just simply “on the early side”.  It also means that the possibility of the baby arriving any day is […]

August 28, 2008: The DNC Comes to Newark

85 Days to Baby Day! (27 Weeks and Six Days Pregnant) I was awoken this morning by the phone.  It was an renewal operator from Ziff Davis Enterprise trying to renew my Baseline subscription.  This same guy called me at work yesterday and on the train ride home even though I told him that I […]

April 20, 2008: Flat Stanley Goes to the Cherry Blossom Festival

We all managed to get a little sleep last night and were pretty well rested today.  I was really glad to have completed the bulk of my Object Technologies homework on Friday night giving me a mostly free weekend.  I really needed a weekend to just relax too. Dad came over and we ordered the […]

April 10, 2008: Making Autumn Plans

Today was the most absolutely gorgeous day. More than seventy degrees, clear and sunny. I was actually just a touch too warm as I took Oreo out for his morning walk. We ran into far more dogs getting walked today than usual. Everyone was wanting to get outside and soak up the weather. It is […]