January 31, 2008: Dancing with the Stars

It was very late before we actually got off to sleep last night. Movies like 28 Weeks Later aren’t great for making you fall to sleep right away. So we watched a few episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and finished off the first season before going to sleep. So I slept in as late as I could this morning just checking my BlackBerry to make sure that no one needed me for a little bit. Oreo loved the movie since it meant going to bed early. No one appreciates an early bed time more than him.

Dominica posted the movie back to Netflix this morning which means that her next movie should be here in just a couple of days. She has Dream Girls in her queue up next. Not something that I am interested in which is good so she will have an opportunity to watch it without me.

It is a bright and sunny day today. This is the perfect day for me to be home with Oreo. He is having such a good time just lounging in the sun. It has been grey all week so this really worked out well for him.

As of this morning my email log processing script has put nine million, six hundred thousand rows of data into the database! That is a crazy amount of data. And thousands more rows are inserted every day.

The office was quite slow today as it often is on Thursdays. I got the first load of dishes done right away this morning. The apartment has been out of control. We have just been too busy to keep up with keeping the place clean recently.

I am registered to go to the Microsoft 2008 launch event (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008) on March 4th in Manhattan.  That should be cool.  It has been five years since I have had a chance to go to one.  The last launch event was for Windows Server 2003, Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Office 2003.

Dominica made great time getting home and we ate Chinese from Golden City that arrived just minutes after she did.  We ate and watched two episodes of the fifth season of the Cosby Show.  Then we walked Oreo and we headed on over to the Prudential Center for Dominica’s Christmas present to see Dancing with the Stars Live.

The show started just a little after seven thirty.  This was the first time that either of us has set foot into the Prudential Center and the first time that Dominica has even walked up along side of it.  It is a very nice arena but there is no hiding the fact that it is a hockey stadium.  It isn’t very different from the War Memorial (aka Blue Cross Blue Shield Arena) in Rochester where the Americans play when they aren’t at ESL Arena on the MCC campus.

The show was quite enjoyable.  Definitely the best part was the amazing band who played all of the music.  They were really something.  The dancing was really good though and we both had a good time.  My one big complaint about the arena, though, is that the space between the rows is so tight that there was no room to put my feet and my knees were bent backward putting my calves slightly under me all night which was okay for the first hour but without any way to stretch my knee it started getting quite painful.

We came home after the show gloating over all of the people getting into long lines to get their cars just to fight their way onto gridlocked city streets as we walked the two minute walk to the apartment.  Boy is that ever easy.  And completely safe – never were we out of sight of the police.

Congrats to Andy who took his ASP.NET and C# Brainbench certifications tonight.  He is now ranked as the top ASP.NET developer in New York State.

Dominica and I were planning on going to Rochester tomorrow but the weather is not looking good. We will see.

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