October 31, 2008: Happy Halloween and Welcome to Peekskill

Happy Halloween!  21 Days to Baby Day! (37 Weeks Pregnant) Today the baby is considered to be full term!  That means that if the baby comes today we are no longer considered to be premature but just simply “on the early side”.  It also means that the possibility of the baby arriving any day is […]

April 20, 2008: Flat Stanley Goes to the Cherry Blossom Festival

We all managed to get a little sleep last night and were pretty well rested today.  I was really glad to have completed the bulk of my Object Technologies homework on Friday night giving me a mostly free weekend.  I really needed a weekend to just relax too. Dad came over and we ordered the […]

April 10, 2008: Making Autumn Plans

Today was the most absolutely gorgeous day. More than seventy degrees, clear and sunny. I was actually just a touch too warm as I took Oreo out for his morning walk. We ran into far more dogs getting walked today than usual. Everyone was wanting to get outside and soak up the weather. It is […]

February 15, 2008: Pontoon

Oreo was nothing more than a furry sack of potatoes this morning when we tried to get him dressed to go to daycare. It has been a really long time since he did a five day daycare week. He isn’t the young puppy that he used to be and his greying face definitely shows it. […]

January 31, 2008: Dancing with the Stars

It was very late before we actually got off to sleep last night. Movies like 28 Weeks Later aren’t great for making you fall to sleep right away. So we watched a few episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and finished off the first season before going to sleep. So I slept in […]