March 12, 2008: More Plants

It is a hazy but beautiful morning this morning. I was on the early morning support shift so I started working at six thirty but I am home today so that isn’t bad at all. I often prefer the early morning shift as it is a bit more relaxed than later in the day. However no one ever lets you stop working after your day is done so the fact that I work early doesn’t actually get me out of staying late very often.

It is nice coming out into the office and being surrounded by plants. Our apartment has been devoid of plant life and it really needed some. In fact, now that I think about it, I am not sure if Dominica and I have ever owned plants together or not. We had our little garden by our sidewalk in Geneseo but that hardly counted. What a nightmare that thing was. The one plants that I know I had was the hydroponically grown basil that I kept in my hot tub at Observatory Circle in Ithaca.

Even though it is all still torn apart the apartment is looking worlds better in the light of morning. The hard work yesterday has paid off and I am much happier with it now. I am also relieved to have the FVG318 mostly fixed and the Apple AirPort now a part of the network so that we have wireless again and can use the OLPC XO, the AppleTV and the Nintendo Wii – all of which require wireless. Today my job is to get job is to get all of the networking gear cleaned up and organized so that the desk looks nice.

Dominica made it all of the way to Wallington, where Oreo goes to daycare, before she realized that Oreo was not with her this morning. Hopefully she won’t do that on the drive home.

During her lunch break Dominica ran to Home Depot and picked up more gardening supplies and three more plants including a windowsill herb garden to put beside my desk.  She got three more plants: a mandarin, a cycad and a dracaena.  She also got some important supplies like a watering can and some fertilizer.

My night was very busy and I ended up working almost all night.  I worked until we ate dinner and then stayed online until around eleven thirty when I went to bed.  Unfortunately I got paged out at half midnight and had to get out of bed after having just entered into some deep sleep.  🙁  I didn’t feel very good after that.

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