March 13, 2008: Exhaustion and Warren

I was incredibly exhausted today and could only barely pull myself out of bed when the alarm went off this morning.  Having my sleep interrupted last night after having been tired already was a bit much and I never really got any sleep after that.

Dominica dropped me at the Broad Street train station on her way to work.  This is our new system for days when I am working in Warren.  It works pretty well.  I missed the first train but they come about every ten minutes and I had a book so it was fine.

I took the train to Summit and from there the company shuttle to Warren.  It was just barely before eight when I arrived at the office.  I was so tired that I was having a difficult time staying away on the train.  I have been working so many hours all week and it has really been taking a toll on me.

I was exhausted all day and had just tons and tons of coffee to keep me moving.  It was all that I could do to keep from nodding off at my desk.  I did my best to walk around and spend time seeing people that I hadn’t seen in forever as at least the motion and activity kept me somewhat useful.

I stayed at Warren until the five thirty shuttle home which was later than I had intended to stay but there was work for me to do and some of it came in late in the day and couldn’t be helped.

I got home and Dominica warmed up dinner – she had picked up some ready made food from the grocery store yesterday and we ate while watching some of A Different World.  But there was more work to be done so I only got to watch a little bit before doing homework and logging into the office to take care of a few remaining things from earlier.

I went to bed just before ten.  I will most likely be working from home tomorrow as I am so tired and don’t have enough time to catch up on my sleep and am working the early shift tomorrow.

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