March 14, 2008: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I slept until the very last possible second today. I was still completely exhausted when morning rolled around. Oreo has been really tired this week too. So I am staying home today because I am so tired. This actually worked out really well as I was needed solid all morning and I could not have possibly gone into the office anyway.

Newark St Patricks Parade 2008

I thought that today was going to be dreary but the sun came out this morning and it was pretty nice. Another good day for our plants which are now taking over the apartment. Today I have at least one plant in every window of the entire apartment plus two in the one window and the ivy on the counter. Maybe tonight we will manage to hang the ivy on the wall with the new wall hooks that Dominica picked up for it. Over the weekend I plan to get my “Fragrant Herbs Grow Kit” kicked off in the hopes of soon having a windowsill of herbs by my desk.

Oreo didn’t feel very well this morning. He slept in and got sick several times. He is acting alright, though, and running around and playing like he normally would so we are guessing that he just had a little bit of an upset stomach. He ate a bit of marrowfat peas last night and we think that that might have been rough on his sensitive tummy.

Last night we did some research on our rose bush and figured out that it has a mildew infection from when it got dried out really badly last week. So we did some research on remedies and think that we have a fix so we have that a try last night. We are hoping that it will pull through. It has had a rough time of it already.

Today is Newark’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade. It comes right down Mulberry Street and is quite visible and audible from the apartment. I had no idea that that would be today. So I took the little Kodak V1253 and took some quick videos from the living room window until my memory card filled up – which didn’t take very long. The video portion turned out not too bad but the audio was garbage and I can’t use it at all. So the videos are silent. Oh well. Any sound that would have been on it would have been overwhelmed by the whine of the cooling tower from Catholic Health Services next door anyway. These are my first real 720p videos and I hope to have them posted soon.

It was a busy work day. I worked all day starting from six thirty and didn’t really wrap up until seven thirty and then did a tiny bit of work after that.

Dominica made some palak paneer for dinner and baked some brownies. We played two games of Settlers of Catan (she kicked my butt both times) and then we walked Oreo. Then at ten she and Oreo went to bed and she played MySims from bed while I stayed up until midnight doing my first assignment for my object modeling class at RIT.

I have been scheduled to work tomorrow. So my first project starts at eight in the morning and my second one starts at nine. I shouldn’t have to work too late but I do have to get up early which I was hoping was not going to happen this weekend.

Tomorrow evening Dominica and I are going into Manhattan to meet Kit and Jay at The Knitting Factory. They are coming up from Annapolis, Maryland tomorrow. Jay is playing drums in one of the bands playing at The Knitting Factory. So we are going to hang out with Kit while he performs.

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  1. You shoudn’t have to put up with the Cooling Tower whine. There are ways to fix it.

  2. Unfortunately it is the neighbouring building and not our own. Otherwise I would speak to someone. I have no idea who to talk to over at Catholic Health Services.

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