March 28, 2008: Just Another Busy Friday

This week has really gone by in a blur.  Work has kept me really busy and when I haven’t been busy with that there has been homework today.  Today is the last day of my official early morning coverage week so on Monday I will be back to my normal schedule – whatever that is.  Because of the conference call that I got onto last night I didn’t get to bed until almost midnight.  So this morning I slept in until the last possible minute and then worked from home.  I was going to go into the office once there was redundant coverage but things got busy and I never had time.  Not that that is so surprising.  Things have been very busy all week.  Today is also the final day of my first two years at my current company!  I started on March 29th, 2006.

I didn’t get a chance to have breakfast this morning but I did get an early-ish lunch from Food for Life that I brought back and ate at my desk while working.  I had a really busy day of doing real, solid SA work with tons of troubleshooting and performance tuning stuff.  Much more interesting than my usual day.  I even got to work with an engineer from Red Hat today which I never get to do.

I did manage to squeeze in time to do the dishes today and to get the kitchen cleaned up, more or less.  It is looking a lot better than before, at least.  I forgot to mention yesterday that a friend in maintenance stopped by and hung two plant hangers for us yesterday.  We have a very healthy ivy plant that we have been looking forward to hanging on one of them and are hoping to have another ivy or possibly a spider plant to hang on the other.  They are swinging hangers that come out about nine inches from the wall.  We have them hanging on either side of the kitchen “window” coming out into the living room.  It may sound as if they would be in the way and taking up space in our tiny living area but they are mounted about nine feet up on the wall and are far above our heads.  It is quite nice and really adds something to the room.

I learned how to do queued encoding with Handbrake today which is making my video transfer process immensely easier than before.  Now I can just set half a day’s worth of video encodes up on Dominica’s dual-core Turion X2 laptop and let it chunk away without my intervention.  It is really going to be handy for getting the computers to work through the night.  Previously we could only set up a single encode job and it would finish one or two hours after we went to bed then the computer would be on but idle all night.  Now I can queue up enough work so that it is still working when I get up in the morning.

Dominica got home and we actually remembered to unload the groceries from her car today.  So once again there is some amount of food in the apartment to eat.  It won’t last long but at least there is something.  This way I probably won’t need to go out hunting for food this weekend while I am home alone.  Dominica has Jenn’s bachelorette party in Philly tomorrow night and I will be home with Oreo until Sunday afternoon when Min gets back home.  But I have plenty of homework to do along with plenty of work for the office to keep me more than busy all weekend.

For dinner we just ate some of the food that Dominica had picked up.  She had leftovers and I had Fiber One cereal (tastes better than it sounds.)  We watched some Family Guy that I have transferred to the AppleTV.  It was an early night for us as we have to be up relatively early tomorrow.  Dominica is going to drive to Philly even though the train is possible.  The train isn’t exactly cheap overall (about $50 to Philly and then another train for an unknown amount out to Ambler and then even more on Sunday to get home so $150 – $200 altogether) but it would be cheap enough to justify not driving if the schedule was good enough to make it not a rush on both ends.  The trip from Newark to Ambler would be pretty easy and runs every two hours all day long but the trip back isn’t scheduled nearly as well and would make Sunday quite difficult.  So Min is just going to drive since she now has the GPS and it will be quite easy.  The drive will be almost an hour shorter than going by train anyway (because of the transfer.)

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