March 29, 2008: It Is a Doggy – Daddy Weekend

I got up a little before eight this morning and Oreo followed me right out to the living room where there is some extremely bright sunlight today. Perfect for lazy dogs and growing plants. The rose bush has really been coming along thanks to being watered three times a day, being turned constantly in the window for even lighting and bi-daily mildew treatments and regular trimming and pruning. It is as full as it ever was and, as of yesterday, I have noticed a new rose flower beginning to form. We will have some pink in amongst the green in a few days. All of the plants seem to be healthy at this point. The mandarin is the hardest to read. It was really abused at the store but seems to be doing just fine since moving here.

Dominica got up around nine and started getting ready to go to Jenn’s place in Pennsylvania. She has been really tired recently and taking two classes at once from Empire State is really a problem so we decided that she is going to drop her Computer Operations and Security class that she just started (since today is the last day to actually drop it) and that she will try to take it again maybe in the fall. It is overlapping with her GPS and the New Geography class which isn’t too hard but involves a bit of time-consuming work and we were hoping that she would take HTML for Web Design right after the GPS class. Both would overlap with COS and taking overlapping classes is far more than twice the work of just taking one class. Just the task-switching alone between the two classes is the effort of at least half of another class. It is no wonder that full time college students get so little out of college – the system is completely not designed around the way that the human brain processes information efficiently.

We walked Oreo and picked up breakfast from Airlie Cafe. Then Dominica hit the road. First she drove me down to the Newark downtown post office so that I could mail her drop/add form to the university and be postmarked today and then she was off for Philadelphia. Oreo was very unhappy when I came back to the apartment without Dominica. He really enjoys his weekends when both of us are here.

Min made it safely out to Jenn’s apartment at a quarter after two.  My afternoon was all work and homework.  I was quite busy all day.  Not the way that I wanted to spend the weekend but at least it was a good use of the time while Dominica was out.  I got a lot done that needed my attention.  I also got a lot of time on Dominica’s laptop, our fastest workstation, with Handbrake getting stuff prepped for the ATV.

Oreo is very sad today without Dominica around.  He doesn’t like going very long without her.  Even on a normal weekday at home with me he starts getting anxious for her to come home around four in the afternoon.  So today he is very anxiously looking for her.

I wrapped up my work around midnight.  Hard to believe that there can be so much to do, I know.  I didn’t even manage to do any real work around the apartment today which is too bad as it really needs it.  I hate that this place is so small that we have no means of keeping it clean even for a few days.  At least my AppleTV conversion project will clear one whole shelf of space up which will help with some books and stuff.

At midnight I cracked open a bottle of Finger Lakes Cabernet Frank but, as you would guess, it had turned to vinegar.  Not only did we get an entire case of wine from Marketview Liquor in Henrietta in which half the bottles were bad but we have managed to have every other bottle that we try be bad.  Exactly every other bottle.  It has alternated through the entire case now, good, bad, good, bad.  It is unbelievable that even having six good and six bad bottles that we would open them in such an exacting order.  The second bottle that I opened, a 70/30 blend of Cabernet Frank and Lemberger from Anthony Road was good and so I enjoyed that while Oreo and I watched Doris Day in Glass Bottom Boat.

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