March 30, 2008: Dominica Returns from Philadelphia

Oreo and I went to bed pretty late but we didn’t really sleep in this morning. It was around nine when Oreo got up and told me that there was sunlight to be had in the living room and that he wanted to partake of it. So I got up and he moved out into a nice, warm sun patch on a chair in the living room.

I was just starting to get settled in to actually do some more homework when I got paged from the office. Lot’s of issues this morning and tons of people are stuck working today because of it. I put in a couple of hours on a conference call. Things were busy enough that my cell phone kept ringing too. Not what I was expecting this morning. But, again, with Dominica not here I might as well be getting paged out rather than just sitting around doing nothing (although getting my homework caught up would be a nice change too.)

I did a tiny bit of cleaning early this afternoon and managed to get some laundry going. Normally Dominica does the laundry over the weekend but with her not here it could be a problem. I don’t like having her do the laundry but she gets mad if I try to do it because “I do it wrong” although I think that she is overcautious about colours and under-cautious about temperatures and over-drying. She thinks that I am colour-unsafe and wrinkle happy. So I only did my own laundry today so that she can only get so upset. Although she doesn’t like me doing even that.

I did do some other cleaning after Min called to say that she was on her way home from Philadelphia. She left around two in the afternoon. She had originally planned to come home earlier but Jenn and Angelo just had an offer accepted on a house and Jenn’s parents were down to see the house this morning so Dominica went with all of them so that they could all see it together.

I talked to dad today and right now the plan is for him to come down to Newark on April 19th and to stay until the 21st. We can’t do anything before then because of Dominica and my class schedules. My class, Object Technologies, at RIT is going to keep me very busy up until that weekend. I am hopeful that that weekend will be a “recovery” weekend after lots of other stuff comes due just days before. This is a rather busy semester for both of us.

It was nearly four when Dominica got back home. Oreo was so excited! We took a little break and got dinner from the deli downstairs and watched a few shoes on the AppleTV before returning to the living room to get back to work on our homework. 🙁

We both worked on homework all evening.  Then Dominica headed off to bed.  I didn’t wrap up homework until just after eleven at night!

Ryan, Kevin and I walked out to City Cafe and had a few drinks before we all turned in for the night.  We have all been so busy recently that none of us have seen each other at all.  We were only out for about an hour.  We were happy to discover that City Cafe stays open extremely late and even has their kitchen open at Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until two in the morning!

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