March 31, 2008: Watching Bride and Prejudice

After a long weekend of work there was a lot of potential for issues this morning which, as were more or less expected, happened.  So I started on the early side working from the living room and ended up on phone calls and working on issues until well after lunch.  The day just flew by with so much work going on.  I barely noticed the day passing.  It was a gloomy, overcast day so there was no movement of the sun to mark the day’s progress either so I really didn’t notice.

It was almost two in the afternoon when I finally realized that I needed to get something to eat but didn’t have any time.  So I ordered from Airlie Cafe across the street and asked them to deliver a sandwich and salad over to me.  I am so glad that they deliver.  It is silly to have food delivered from right across the street but sometime there just isn’t any good way to leave the apartment.  They felt bad for me and delivered me some free garden vegetable soup too.

I worked a rather long day and by mid-afternoon was actually getting light headed.  I didn’t get a chance to do anything around the apartment today other than water the plants.  I was really exhausted by the end of the day.

Dominica got home and really wanted to watch Bride and Prejudice so we tried watching that but it was just one interruption after another including a page-out for me.  So I had to go work for about forty-five minutes in the middle of the movie, and Oreo needed constant attention.

Bride and Prejudice is a Miramax film and not from Bollywood and it shows.  If anything this could be called a mockery of Bollywood.  I don’t suggest wasting time on it.  It is an American view of Indian film’s twist on the English novel “Pride and Prejudice” and it does neither the book nor the culture any service.  The musical numbers are painful and the storyline is jilted.  The movie is bearable under some circumstances but it lacks the British charm of Bend It Like Beckham and is unquestionably made by Americans and not by Indians.  Most of the Indian scenes are even shot around London!

After the movie I stayed up for a little while doing some work and then off to bed.

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