April 18, 2008: Very Long Day

Oreo was very happy to be home with me today.  He had four straight days at daycare this week so he is very worn out.

Today was a a long work day.  I was busy from morning until night.  I was scheduled for a very long day today so it was unexpected.  I did a little bit of cleaning around the house where I could in between other things but I did not have very much spare time to work with.  Fridays are always busy but in addition to my normal Friday workload tonight we have a disaster recovery / continuity of business test that will go until ten o’clock.

The weather is gorgeous today.  Bright and really warm.  We have had the windows open for days now and are really enjoying all of the fresh air.  Even with the windows all open it is a little too warm in the apartment but not bad.  The plants are doing great.

Oreo almost had a really bad accident today.  He was sleeping on the Ottoman when we got an itch.  So he sat up and was itching and suddenly slipped and fell over backwards.  We have hardwood on concrete floors so for him to land on his back could be very, very bad.  It is enough of a fall for him to break his back on such an unforgiving surface and he has caused himself to limp from many much more minor falls in the past.  Fortunately I was ready and shot out and caught him in mid-air.  He wasn’t very happy but he was safe.  The world is a dangerous place when you are a little dog.

For lunch I hit Blimpie subs again on the corner.  It is fast, tasty and cheap.  I grabbed my sub and ran back to the apartment so that I could eat while working.  No time to relax today.  While I was Blimpie my bartender from the Key Club was there and I got in trouble for not having gone there in a while.  But, in my defense, I went there several times and several times bringing people with me and they have consistently been closed during peak hours and I really thought that they had closed.  Once I went for a few months thinking that they were closed they completely lost any mindshare that they used to have and now it barely even occurs to me as an option to go there even though I really like it.

Dominica got home with some groceries but didn’t really get to see me at all this evening because I was on a conference call until quite late. So it was a lonely night.

After working I finally got around to working on my homework.  This is a light homework week but it needs to be done regardless.  So I put an hour or so into that.  Only so much could be done tonight as it is a collaborative assignment and requires feedback.  So I did what I could and will try to do some more tomorrow night.

Tomorrow morning I start work at eight in the morning.  Then, at seven after eleven, dad is arriving at Newark-Liberty International to visit for the weekend.  So we are picking him up and probably going to the diner in Elizabeth for lunch.  He is staying until Monday evening.

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