April 19, 2008: Dad Comes to Newark to Visit

The sun was so bright this morning at six thirty that I thought that it must be the middle of the day.  But I don’t have to be up until almost eight so I went back to sleep for a little bit.

I got up at a quarter till eight and logged into the office and got to work.  I also started doing some cleaning around the apartment.  Dad is coming today and we need to get the place cleaned up.  Not much time to work on that until now and not all that much time now either.

Work went well this morning and didn’t take too long.  I had plenty of time to wrap up and then to drive with Min out to Newark-Liberty International Airport to pick up dad when his flight arrived.  He was right on time at 11:07 this morning.  It was a quick flight and the weather was perfect.  It is a little over eighty degrees here today and Buffalo his a record of eighty-six!

We went straight from the airport to the Seaport Diner in Elizabeth for lunch.  Dad hadn’t eaten before the flight and we had both skipped breakfast and were pretty hungry as well.

The afternoon was spent just hanging out at the apartment.  Dad was in too early to be able to check in to the hotel anyway.  So we just visited until late afternoon when he walked over to the Robert Treat to get settled in.

For dinner we took dad into the Ironbound, where he has never been, to eat at Mompou.  It has been so long since we have been there that they asked us where we had been.  Dinner was excellent and dad really enjoyed it.  It was his first time eating Portuguese too.

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