April 21, 2008: Dad’s Last Day in Newark

Dad stayed in Newark today and hung out with me while I worked.  We were really lucky that today was a fairly slow day so we were actually able to visit a bit.  He did nap a bit throughout the day to prepare for his trip home tonight.

Oreo was rather confused to be home so much but the sun was out and he wasn’t about to complain about the sunlight and extra sleep time.  It was a nice day for him to be home.  We could have the windows open and there was a nice breeze while it was still warm and the sun was out.

Dad and I did a late breakfast over at Food for Life.  We were excited to see that our favourite cook has returned so we are guessing that the food preparation which has been a little bit unstable recently will be returning to normal.  Our food this morning was back to its old standard so things are already looking up.  Dad looks forward to getting to eat at Food for Life when he comes down to visit us in Newark.

Dominica came home and we had about an hour for her and dad to visit before we had to drive dad to the airport for his trip home.  We got him there in plenty of time.  It was just after seven when we dropped him off for his nine o’clock flight.

Dad’s flight left the terminal on time – three minutes early, in fact – but got delayed on the tarmac and was still sitting on the Newark runway when Dominica and I went to bed.  Dad emailed at almost midnight to say that he had gotten home safe.

Tomorrow I will be working on Wall Street.

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