April 22, 2008: Nothing to Write Home About

It’s another beautiful day here in Newark, New Jersey.  This morning on my walk into the office I finished listening to Audible’s presentation of “Reconciliation” by PM Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan.  After that I read “The Dilbert Future” by Scott Adams for what must be the fourth or fifth time.  It is a short book.

Word was good today. Nothing to write home about.  Of course, dad reads this every day so, technically, you could say that I am writing home.  A bit paradoxically perhaps.

I got home regular time.  We were talking about having a D&D game tonight but only Kevin emailed asking if there was a game.  No one else every replied so we assumed that there wasn’t going to be done.  It is best because Dominica had some emergency college project work that needed to be done some time ago and we had to get it done tonight.  So that was the evening for us.

We ordered in a late dinner from Papa Johns which we don’t do very often.  Dominica didn’t even remember that there was a Papa Johns that would deliver to us here.

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