April 23, 2008: We’ve Decided To Do WDW Again This Year

This week is really turning out to be pretty drab – I have just about nothing to write about on SGL. That doesn’t usually happen.

Dominica and I decided that we need a little bit of a vacation so we are going to Walt Disney World for four days at the end of May. May 31st through June 3rd. We are going to stay at the Wilderness Lodge which is new for us. I did the Contemporary in 1987 and the Caribbean Beach Resort in 1992 and then, last year, Dominica and I did the Animal Kingdom Lodge for her first time staying in a Disney-owned on-property resort (she stayed at the independent Grosvenor on-property once, long ago.) After having enjoyed the AKL so much last year we aren’t about to stay off property again like we did in 2005 (or like I did in 1999) – that is totally not worth it.

The weather was great again today. I can’t believe how nice it has been here recently. Last night we actually had to sleep with the air conditioning on so that we could get some good sleep. Oreo loved it. He climbed under the covers and slept with his back against mine to stay warm with his head on my pillow.

Lunch was from Airlie Cafe. Tuna melt on rye and some Fritos (sing it with me “Fritos…. Fritos…”) I don’t think that we have an mp3 copy of that anywhere or I would play it now. Once upon a time DJ Loopy had the weirdest “Fritos” loop that he used to play. Seriously disturbing. And now it has been written about on the Internet. Or the Intertubes as weird people from LA would call it. Or the Internets by people who really don’t get the language at all.

Dominica came home and we both worked on homework. She has been a bit behind in her work at Empire but is getting caught back up. She discovered tonight that most of the class appears to be just as much behind as she is which made her feel a bit better.

Min decided to just cook for herself tonight so I grabbed a sub from Blimpie on the corner.  A quick and easy dinner.  I ate at my desk while working.  Not very exciting.

I will be working at home tomorrow.

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