April 24, 2008: Riverdance at NJPAC

For dedicated Dilbert readers who have noticed that Scott Adams and United Media have gone the way of the pointy haired boss and forced a broken, worthless website down the throats of their customers there is hope. Dilbert is now available through RSS feed: Dilbert RSS from FeedBurner. This is now the only real way to get Dilbert as the web site was built using every best practice “don’t do” in the book. For many of us the site is just advertising and nothing else but a blank space where the strip is supposedly going to appear. Every comment left on the site is about how upset everyone is that the site is awful and broken but nothing seems to be being done. Even on my 12Mb/s connection the site is so slow to load that I can’t bear to wait for it to even respond let alone finish loading – if it even does anymore. Nevertheless, the RSS feed is working great and isn’t just an excuse to force advertising on us. So use that and boycott the Dilbert page until they stop using middle school interns to design the page!

In the middle of the night Oreo got up and decided that he wanted to go out into the living room and sleep on his pillow. It was very strange. We had the air conditioning on in the bedroom so the doors was closed. So I got up and walked him out to his pillow where he was very happy to lay down for about half an hour. He came in to check on us once but saw that we were in bed and ran back to the living room to his pillow. We could hear the clicking of his toenails on the hardwood as he ran the whole way. Eventually he gave up on that idea and returned to bed. That kept me up for about an hour between two and three in the morning with him going in and out and opening and closing doors for him.

This morning I had to get up with Dominica so that we could go down to Ryan’s apartment and feed his fish. Ryan is in Florida and we are looking after the sealife for him. I have not taken care of his fish before so I didn’t know what to do. So my night was rather short after going to bed after midnight, being up for an hour and getting up at seven. 🙁

At least today is my day at home with Oreo. It is yet another bright and beautiful day here in Newark.

Today I discovered that our ivy plant that I like so much has a spider mite infestation. Because the plant hangs so high I didn’t notice it until it was pretty heavily infested. So now I have to figure out how to take care of spider mites. I am hoping that regular washing will do the trick but they are all over the leaves. I need dad to send me some of his spare ladybugs from back home.

Tonight we are going to see Riverdance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. This is the third in our series of tickets for the NJPAC this season. It works out well that the tickets are for Thursdays as that means that we always leave Oreo home alone after he has had an entire day with me already. He is much more relaxed about being left in that case.

Dominica got home and wasn’t in the mood for anything except McDonald’s.  So I walked down Broad and got dinner from the McDonald’s just two blocks away.  We watched a few episodes of Average Betty while we ate.

After dinner I had to get ready to go as quickly as possible.  Then it was time to walk down to NJPAC to see the show.

Riverdance was really good.  I have seen Lord of the Dance in Toronto, I think, long ago and have seen Riverdance on television or DVD or something at some point over the years but have never seen it in person.  It was very good.  Dominica coworder Al and his wife joined us at the show and had tickets for the row right behind us.  All of the seats by them were empty so we moved back by them after intermission.

After we got home from Riverdance it was time for Min to get to bed.  I did a little work, a little over an hour, and then was ready to head off to bed myself.

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