April 25, 2008: End of a Light Week

The weather is a little bit colder but we are stuck using the air conditioning at night because Dominica is getting allergies from the outside air.  The plants are loving the constant movement of air, though, and are all doing wonderfully.  The rosebush with its mildew issues is really thriving now that it is getting constant air between all of its leaves and any mildew has a really tough time attempting to grab a hold of it anywhere.

It is a Friday and that means a long day at work.  Today was not nearly as long as many Fridays and definitely not as long as the last few have been.  This whole week has been dramatically slower than the last few weeks.  It is good.  I needed a little break.  I did find out today that I have approximately twenty-five new servers being assigned to me – an expansion on a project that I have already been on for over a year.  So that is bound to keep me quite busy in the very near future.  Twenty-five additional machines is actually quite dramatic as many companies, most companies, expect a system administrator to not be responsible for more than twenty-five to thirty machines.  It is practically a full time load all on its own.  Good job security.

I got a late breakfast at Food for Life today.  Just my usual.  The #15 “The Round”.  It’s a large sandwich with two aquatic sausage patties (salmon cakes), egg, cheese and moon sauce.  Very delicious and for some reason just $4.50.  It is exceptionally inexpensive for such a large and filling item there.  It is definitely the poor man’s breakfast.  You can easily skip lunch with that in your tummy.

I did, in fact, skip lunch.  When Dominica got home she was in the mood for Food for Life too so we got take away from there for dinner as well.  I went the whole day eating nothing but FFL.

I didn’t have to work nearly as late as I would have expected tonight.  I had to work late but that that late.  While I was wrapping up work Dominica watched Enchanted on DVD that we have rented from Netflix again.  This is her second time watching it.  We watched it together earlier in the week.

Once we had the opportunity to eat together we put on Do Not Disturb with Doris Day and Rod Taylor.  Definitely not one of Day’s classic films.  The budget was low and the writing was horrible.  The characters were immensely flat and pointless.  It’s one of those movies where  nobody trusts each other and you can’t stand anyone because they are all so stupid and annoying.  Very poor writing and one of the movies that Day became famous for in her later years that portrayed women as nothing but cooks and annoyances.  Definitely not a woman friendly film.  Day was noted for playing increasingly pointless, airheaded characters as her career waned.

Dominica went to bed early and I did some web design work most of the night.  I was being extremely productive and ended up pushing on until two in the morning.  I am working on converting an old, static HTML based web site with tables for layout into a new, modern, PHP management site with no tables whatsoever, all CSS separated out and total XHTML 1.1 compliance.  It’s a fun project and I am enjoying it.  It is quite a bit of work though.

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