April 29, 2008: Hanging at South Side Seaport

Dominica keeps getting linked from an online directory because they think that she is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea.  It is pretty funny that we get tons of incoming links here because the bots have no idea when someone is talking about a tourist destination or just a person.  They don’t put much thought into these things.  What really amazes me is that so many people will go to just any website and read anything there that this actually is a financial viable thing to do.

My morning was pretty slow.  The walk into Wall Street was pretty nice.  It was cool and overcast.  A little before noon work started getting really busy and I ended up having an incredibly crazy day.

Katie and I decided to do lunch today and I wasn’t able to get out of the office until after three in the afternoon.  At least by the time we were able to go for lunch the sun had come out and it was very nice outside.  So we decided to walk up to the Southside Sea Port on the East River in Lower Manhattan.  We ate at the Pacific Grill on Pier 17.  Lunch was very good.  Lobster bisque, lobster ravioli with honey chipotle sauce, grilled sea bass, coconut creme brulee… it was all quite tasty and the weather was perfect.  I really needed the long lunch away from the office after how busy it had been.  And there is a ton of work for me to do later after-hours so this is my one chance to really just relax.

The afternoon continued to be very busy and I didn’t manage to get home until seven.  I spent the next hour and a half cleaning as quickly as I could as we have the Dungeons and Dragons game at our apartment tonight.  The apartment was quite a mess and there was a lot of work to be done.

We played D&D with Kevin, Pam and Ramona from eight thirty until just after eleven.  After everyone left and Dominica went to bed I stayed up until three in the morning doing the after-hours work that got held over from today.  That made for a long night.  I was really exhausted when I finally managed to get to bed.  But I got a lot of work done that needed to be completed so it was good that I had stayed up.  Getting this type of work done during the day is nearly impossible – especially when there hasn’t been time to schedule it ahead of time.

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