May 14, 2008: Impromptu Move (At Work)

The weather is nice again today.  My day a bit hectic when I found at out eleven this morning that I was being relocated to a different floor of the building.  It isn’t the end of the world but getting moved without any warning can be a problem.  Because there was no warning our clients (there was more than just me being moved without warning) weren’t told that we were moving and would be offline and we didn’t have time to pack or anything.  Fortunately for me I never keep more at the office than I can through in a bag and walk away with so I was in pretty good shape.  I always keep a bag at the office as well.  So I was thoroughly prepared.

The move happened at two in the afternoon without warning.  We were told that there would be warning and boxes delivered for our stuff to be moved in.  But no, just people who showed up and told us to leave immediately.  What a mess.

The move actually went pretty quickly and I found my new cube pretty quickly.  Because I had so little to move (literally two monitors, a computer, the cables, mouse, keyboard and the phone) I was done quite quickly.  The new cube is in a decent location but it is in an area that is designed to be exactly what Lister and DeMarco point out as an example of a company run by bad managers who aren’t thinking at all – a space for knowledge workers kept uncomfortably warm with harsh overhead lighting keeping us from being able to use our computers efficiently and with nothing to block the sounds of people talking all over the place.  It’s everything that corporate space planners do wrong that even a monkey could figure out doesn’t make any sense.  It’s not about saving space – it wastes lots of space.  It is about making work uncomfortable and inefficient.  Why would they want to keep us from working at maximum efficiency?  I have no idea.  But the focus of my job totally shifted today from “getting tasks done” to “socializing”.  The new floor is nothing but a continuous party.

Oreo seemed to be in pretty good spirits when I got home.  Bored out of his mind and very lonely but again he didn’t seem to have panicked at all.  I am home with him tomorrow so hopefully he can make it through Friday and his week will be over.

I was burned out from too much work all week and too much stress.  Nothing stresses me out like politics at work.  But I just have to remember that being inefficient and getting less done doesn’t get me paid less – it actually gets me paid more in the long run.  It isn’t my money being wasted and I shouldn’t be concerned about it.

I ended up having to put in another super long day today working long after I arrived home.  I did fifteen hours on Monday and fourteen today.  Just a normal ten hour day yesterday.  I can’t wait until this week is over and I can catch my breath.

I gave up no even thinking about homework tonight.  What little free time I had between eleven, when work completed, and midnight, when I fell asleep, Oreo and I spent watching the seventh season of The Cosby Show. Oreo appreciated the break from me doing homework.

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