May 3, 2008: Working All Day

Andrew West (aka Loopy) is a top ten finalist in the national programming competition the “Dice Tech Challenge” for his Spyhop IHOP Finding application. So head over to the Dice Tech Challenge Voting site and cast you vote for Andy’s SpyHop website. Here is the link directly to the voting page, vote for IHOPs, #3: DTC Voting Page. Only one vote (per computer) will be counted.

Bahrain Reflection

Bahrain on our usual Saturday morning deployments. This is really an extension of the Friday night deployments.

I had other, non-deployment, work to be done as well for the office. Never a free weekend for me. I am really looking forward to my four day vacation at the end of the month. What a change that will be!

Dominica slept in this morning. She was pretty tired after staying up so late working on her homework and assignments last night. This is going to be a really long weekend for her as she attempts to complete her final project by Sunday night so that she doesn’t have to take an incomplete in her class. This is her last class for the summer as she is taking the semester off. She is really looking forward to the break.

I worked from before eight in the morning until three thirty on work for the office. I took time off for lunch in there but there was quite a bit of work to be done. It is amazing how much work ends up needing to be done on the weekends.

Another Amazon shipment arrived today. Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals: Fasta Pasta 1 arrived today along with the web design classic title “The Zen of CSS Design” which I am looking forward to reading.

I did coordinate another day of Handbrake compression work. Boy do I work these computers hard. All day and all night they work at maximum capacity. No one can convince me that we have reached the age of unlimited storage and processing power. I need orders of magnitude more storage and processing power than are commonly available today. It will be many years before systems prepared to handle my workload are commonly available and the workload that I will have at that time will be much greater than what I have now. I am taxing my overall system I/O, network capacity, drive I/O and CPU. It’s really amazing.

Most of my afternoon and evening were spent either working on some certification consulting work that I am doing which is extremely intensive or a little bit of my homework that is due this weekend. Mostly that is going to be handled tomorrow as I need to coordinate with my project partner. Doing team based work for online classes that are only ten weeks long is quite difficult. We don’t have enough time to really set up good collaboration tools and get into a routine. We work together a handful of times and have to do all of our work based off of that.

We went to bed around midnight.

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