June 20, 2008: Introducing HandBrake Helper

Oreo was incredibly tired as Dominica dragged him off to daycare this morning. He was giving me the big, sad puppy dog eyes saying “save me daddy” which he does when he really, really wants to just stay home and sleep. He doesn’t know that on days when he goes to daycare that I get […]

Handbrake Settings

Now that I am getting comfortable with Handbrake and its settings I have noticed the dearth of information online about peoples’ preferred settings. I feel that this information is very valuable and so have decided to share some baseline information about my own settings. Unless otherwise stated I do my conversions to the .mp4 MPEG4 […]

February 24, 2008: Moreso is in the Dictionary

Shortly after going [back] to bed last night Oreo decided that he needed to do his now common living room bone check. Never any sleep for me. So it was around two in the morning when I finally got off to bed. I got up this morning and was paged so I had to get […]