June 10, 2008: It’s a Hot One

Oreo and I are still home today as my desktop has not yet been fixed at the office.  No complaints here.  The person who broke it did me a huge favour as the last few days have been insanely hot.  I am told by locals that Sunday was actually hotter than yesterday or today but that we missed it since we were in Ohio where it was warm but not crazy hot like this.  Dominica saw the car register 101° on her way home!

I just worked at home today.  Nothing exciting.  Very much a “normal” day.  Boy am I glad that I did not have to walk all the way across the island today.  Way too hot.  I would have felt awful by the time that I arrived at the office.  Oreo is still worn out from last week and this weekend too so he enjoyed his sleep.  He is on antihystamines because of his grass allergies.  He is so itchy.  It is very sad.

We had just a relaxing evening.  We are taking it easy this week trying to get back into the groove of being home.   Dominica decided that she wanted to go to Frankfort this weekend to see her parents as we haven’t been there in a while.  So we are leaving Friday night to go up there. I have to work Saturday morning or else we would have waiting to travel until them to get a little more time at home.

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