June 9, 2008: We’re Having a Heat Wave

Hot. Hot, hot, hot. There is little else to say about today. Dominica checked the weather mid-day and Newark was registering 102°F (which is 39° Celsius!) And it was sunny too, so just stepping outside meant that you were melting.

Dominica took the day off from work because she knew that she would be so tired that she wouldn’t be able to go to work. I slept from five thirty until seven thirty and then logged in and got started. For some reason I was needed before eight so it was good that I was online early. Two hours of sleep isn’t very much but I’ll live. I got a lot of rest last week so I am feeling pretty good regardless.

Today wasn’t too busy at work – good thing.  It would have been awful otherwise.  My desktop at the office was broken (long story) while I was out last Thursday so I am not heading down to Wall Street until that issue gets resolved.  This is giving Oreo a nice break to stay at home with me and to relax.  He will be home several days this week at the very least.  Staying home with Oreo saves us $30 to $50 per day because we don’t have to pay for me to travel (which is almost nominal given the awesome PATH pricing), Oreo’s daycare, Dominica to drive Oreo to and from daycare or for me to eat in Manhattan.

Dominica came home which is much earlier than usual since she didn’t have to get Oreo.  On days when he is home she gets to leave about fifteen minutes later and gets home thirty to forty minutes earlier.  It is a much shorter day for her.

We spent the evening just relaxing and went to bed early.  I needed to catch up on some sleep.  Later in the week I will get caught up on SGL.

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