June 8, 2008: Monica’s Graduation Party

Dominica and I slept in quite late this morning.  It was eleven thirty by the time that we were ready to leave the hotel.  We tried to have breakfast with dad at Luna’s but it was far too hot and sunny to be able to leave Oreo in the car.  We drove around looking for someplace to eat but gave up.

We went over to my aunt Cheryl’s house early to see if they needed any help getting set up for the party.  Everything was already ready but we got some time to visit since we barely got a chance to see everyone last night.

We stayed at the graduation party until around eight in the evening.  It was really hot and sunny all day but pretty good weather for a graduation party.  We had intended to leave around five to get on the road back home but didn’t really want to cut our weekend so short.

The drive home went pretty well.  Much better than I would have expected considering it was a sixteen hours on the road weekend for me without Dominica driving a single bit of it.  During the trip we finished listening to Sue Grafton’s latest novel “T is for Trespass” which we have on CD.  “T” is the 20th novel of the Kinsey Millhone series.  Just six more books to go before the series is done.  We didn’t feel that this book was up to par with the rest of the series, though, it completely lacked any personal story on the main character and the plot was weak and the characters far less realistic than in previous books.  It was suddenly like Kinsey had become an idiot and had no idea what she was doing after having been smart in so many previous books.  It is sad that the ongoing story of Kinsey seems to have derailed.  For several novels in the middle of the series it seemed like Grafton was really going to delve into Kinsey and letting us get to know her but in this book she was flat and lifeless as if none of the nineteen previous books had ever occurred.

It was around five in the morning when we finally rolled in to Newark.  I wasn’t really tired and didn’t really need any caffeine while driving.  I had one energy drink about halfway through the trip just because we had stopped someone where to get fuel and to use the restroom so I picked it up.

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