July 15, 2008: Recovery Day

Dominica and I were seriously hurting this morning when we woke up.  Camping this weekend really put the hurt on us – we are too old for this sort of thing.  Min got up and immediately knew that she could not go in to work this morning.  So she called in and took a half day off sick.  Then she and Oreo slept in until around noon.

I had to get right up and get to work.  No sleeping in for me.  Boy was I sore this morning.

Because Min didn’t go in to work until late today Oreo was able to spend the day at home sleeping.  He liked that.

This week is really hot here in New Jersey.  It is not going to be pleasant.

I had a pretty busy day.  I spent the whole morning just catching up on the literally four thousand emails that had come in from the time that I left the office on Friday evening until this morning.  This amount of email really makes the whole email system completely useless.  People really need to learn when email is appropriate and when other forms of communication are appropriate, and a good percentage of the time the right choice would be neither and to just keep it to themselves.  The bulk of the email has nothing to do with me which makes it extra frustrating.

This evening was a purely relaxing one.  We just watched Third Rock from the Sun and ordered in Chinese for dinner.  Then it was off to an early bed time.  Dominica had actually fallen asleep immediatley after getting home and we didn’t have dinner until eight when she woke up again.

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