July 6, 2008: Last Day Camping in the Yard

Last night’s camping went even better than the night before.  This time we figured out that we needed a little more separation between the air matress and us so we added an extra sheet and that was enough to keep us from getting too humid and sticking to the inflatable bed.  Oreo has decided that this is his new home and he is very happy.  His grass allergy is hitting him pretty hard, though.  This is going to be a long couple weeks for our tired Boston Terrier.

Oreo Skulking Away from the Tent

Our big project today was, of course, to strike the camp site.  This is our first time taking down the tent so we were a bit nervous.  The take down process went pretty smoothly and we were impressed by how easy it all was.  We are scared to do this again at all, which is good as we will be doing it again next weekend.

While we were striking the camp site and packing the car, Oreo took the opportunity to sneak off on his own to the far reaches of the yard and to roll in something stinky.  So he got a bath this afternoon as well.

We ended up getting stuck at dad’s house much later than we had intended because of some emergencies from work.  We had gone out to breakfast around eleven but then there was an emergency and we had to rush back so that I could work for several hours.  We made good use of the time and I managed to do demonstration builds of OpenSUSE 11.0 on an AthlonXP 2800+ based HP D325 and a Pentium III 1GHz based Compaq DeskPro for Castile Christian Academy.  The new desktop build (running KDE4 as we haven’t seen any issues yet) is looking very promising for CCA.

It was so late by the time that we were ready to leave dad’s house that we decided to all go over to the Omega Grill for dinner – our second time today and third time for the weekend and fourth attempt for the weekend.  We ate and then Dominica and I headed south on Interstate 390 directly from there.

It was just a little after midnight when we arrived in Newark.  The trip went pretty well.  No issues and very little excess traffic.  Taking the Interstate 99 corridor through central Pennsylvania really makes a difference in avoiding the traffic jams.  The trip seemed to go by pretty quickly.  Dominica only had to nap for the last portion of the trip and I just listened to ITConversations on my iPod.

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