August 29, 2008: Running Late Today

84 Days to Baby Day! (28 Weeks Pregnant)

It was really late when I finally managed to go to bed last night.  About two in the morning.  I was very, very tired when trying to get up today and ended up sleeping in a bit late.  I didn’t want to log in to the office from home or else I knew that I would be stuck for hours working from home.  So I just got ready quickly and raced onto Wall Street.

I only worked for an hour or two before three of us headed out for lunch at Financier on Stone.  Their Friday specials, smoked salmon sandwich and crab quiche, are just awesome.  We discussed new media, AppleTV, NetFlix, Amazon UnBox, etc.

My afternoon got to be pretty busy.  Katie and I had wanted to do gelato and afternoon coffee but I ended up on a conference call that blotted out my entire afternoon and that was not to be.  Even though it was busy I was still able to leave at a very reasonable time.  It is the end of the month and lots of work gets put on hold because of that so we wrapped up on the early side tonight.

I got home at a reasonable hour, but Dominica and I decided that we needed to rest and relax tonight and do our driving in the morning rather than getting all worn out trying to drive tonight.  This has been a really exhausting week.

I spent the available time this evening doing my first ever installation of Xen on Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS.  That went really well and I learned a lot.  Then it was off to bed.  Leaving for “back home” first thing in the morning.

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