August 30, 2008: Driving During the Day!

83 Days to Baby Day! (28 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant)

Dominica and I got up at eight this morning in the hopes of getting right onto the road to get the day’s driving out of the way.  It is never so easy.  Just going from “getting out of bed” to “being on the road” takes about two hours.

We only have one bathroom so we have to get showered and ready sequentially.  That slows us down considerably.  Then we have the mandatory last minute power-down of all unneeded electronics in the house and the last minute watering of the plants.  Then we have to pack the car which can not be done ahead of time at all because the car is kept in a public garage and often just left on the street.  So it has to always be empty.

It was a little after ten when we finally got onto the road.  The trip went pretty well.  We stopped at Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast just before noon.  That was really good.

We arrived at dad’s around five in the evening.  It is quite a long drive and it takes the whole day pretty much no matter what you do.

We unloaded the car and dropped off Oreo.  Then we pretty much turned right around, got back in the car and drove up to Henrietta to meet Andy and Miranda at The King and I for dinner.  Dominica hasn’t seen either of them since Bob and Lisa’s wedding in 2006.  I saw Andy one time last year – we met at Tim Horton’s for coffee.  It is amazing how isolated we are out here in New Jersey.

After dinner we went to Tim Horton’s on Jefferson Road and had some real coffee for a change.  It was around midnight when we returned to dad’s house and got to bed.

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