December 3, 2008: Liesl’s First Doctor’s Visit

Dominica is feeling much better today after getting a lot of rest last night.  I slept in until around eleven being quite exhausted having stayed up very late with Liesl to allow Dominica to sleep.

I am really thankful for my time “away from the office” this week.  I am out of work until midday tomorrow.  This is practically my biggest break from the office in three years if you don’t consider me working this weekend or Monday morning.  So I guess it isn’t that big of a break but it feels pretty significant with all of the upheaval going on.

Liesl is very calm today.  Probably in part because she got such a great night’s sleep last night.  She has her first doctor’s appointment today with her pediatrician at two thirty.  So I pretty much just got up and got ready to take her to the doctor’s today.

The appointment went really well.  Her doctor is right around the corner from us so that was really easy.  This is both Dominica and Liesl’s first trip out of the house since coming home from the hospital.  Liesl’s weight is just a tad low but nothing to be concerned about.  This is common and they will be checking her weight again in a week.  Her current weight is 7lb 5ozs which is the same as her discharge weight on Sunday afternoon.  Everything else looks good.  The doctor thinks that she is very healthy.

We have the “family schedule” now for the weekend.  The Toccos are leaving Peekskill on Friday morning because they have some things that they have to do in Frankfort and they have to be back by Friday afternoon.  My family was originally going to come up on Sunday but is moving their schedule up to Friday so that we will always have someone here helping out.  So they will leave Friday morning and will arrive in Peekskill late on Friday afternoon.  I am working on Friday as it is going to be exceptionally busy and two people from my team are out on vacation so there is no spare capacity at all.

The afternoon and evening were mostly relaxing.  We all hung out in the living room with Dominica reading, her mom knitting, her dad listening to a book on his digital audio player and me playing Fable 2 on the XBOX 360.  Oreo was very happy to have everyone hanging out in one place.  Liesl went between being held and just hanging out in her swing which she loves.

Dominica went up to bed to relax for a few hours and then came down to read while I played Fable 2 for a while after her parents went to bed.  It was around two when she, Liesl, Oreo and I went to bed.

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