Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS) – Bahamut

One of the most confusing pieces of FF3 (at least on the DS version) is what to do when you meet Bahamut, the dragon, in the mountains.  If you make it this far on your own you quickly discover that the dragon kills you almost instantly, there is nothing that you can do.  The character Desch, whom you meet in the dragon’s nest, gives you a hint that the dragon is too much for you and that you should run away, and he is right.

If you are like me and never pull out the directions to the game you might get confused by the fact that there is no “run” option in the combat menu.  This lead me to believe that I had to fight the dragon.  I looked online and no one else is mentioning not knowing how to run away so I figured that I needed to post for those who are stuck and lost at this point.

In order to run from the dragon Bahamut you must hit the Right and Left shoulder buttons of the DS together instead of choosing to attack or use magic.  This will silently trigger the run option.  It is a very confusing bit of the combat interface and unnecessarily so.

Don’t worry that Bahamut will likely kill one or more of your party before you manage to escape.  Anyone who dies is magically alive again immediately after the battle.

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  1. Thank you so much, 3 dead runs on that dragon and I was getting rdy to shelf the game (I has already tried running earlier so I thought game didn’t have the option)

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