December 4, 2008: Liesl is One Week Old

Hard to believe that Liesl is now one week old.  Time is flying already.

I slept in a little this morning then got up, showered and headed down to the basement to start work around eleven.  I was officially on vacation until after lunch, which would normally be more like two in the afternoon, but there were thousands of emails waiting for me and it took more than an hour just to clean out enough emails so that I was able to send and receive them again.

Work ended up being less busy today than I had assumed that it would be.  There was plenty to do regardless and it kept me busy all afternoon.  Maybe tomorrow won’t be so busy either.  I was figuring that there would be a ton of work this week and next because of the industry freeze that comes in mid-December.  Normally that is the case but market volatility might be affecting things.

We spent the afternoon and evening just hanging out in the living room.  I worked until six thirty so my evening was fairly short.  We watched some Mary Tyler Moore and then everyone went to bed around nine thirty leaving Liesl in the living room with me while I played Fable 2 until around one in the morning when she decided to get up and look for some food.  Then it was off to bed.

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