December 6, 2008: Lots of Weekend Work

I was very tired when the alarm went off at a quarter till eight this morning.  I dragged myself up, got dressed and headed down to the basement to get to work.  Everyone but Dominica and Liesl were already up.  Dad and aunt Sharon were already in the living room hanging out even.

Liesl with Grandpa Miller

Liesl did pretty well last night.  We are starting to learn her rhythm and are mostly getting her to sleep longer and longer through the night.  It isn’t nearly as bad as everyone has prepped us for it to be.  We are definitely struggling to get sleep but, for the most part, Liesl sleeps during the night.

I ended up having quite a lot of work that needed my attention this morning.  I had been hoping that it would be a quick and light day but that was not the case.  I ended up working into the afternoon!

We all skipped breakfast this morning and then, by lunch time, realized that there was no food in the house and that we were in dire need of food supplies.  So, after an hour of planning, we finally got a grocery list together and sent some brave souls out to the Stop and Shop to pick up supplies for lunch.  The plan for dinner is to send me to Villarina to get amazing pasta – perhaps lobster ravioli.

We had a late lunch.  Then everyone went shopping at Villarina and Dunkin Donuts in Mohegan Lake while Dominica and Liesl stayed at home.  It was a relatively quick trip.

This evening we all watched Transformers on BluRay again.  Apparently we really need to get things set up around here so that there is more to watch.  It is sad that we own so many shows (around a thousand movies plus scores of television shows on DVD) plus have access to Hulu, Netflix and CBS and still there is nothing to be found to watch – mostly because nothing is hooked up currently.  We also desperately need to get the new, larger LCD for the living room because no one can see this screen at all.

Tonight was an early night for everyone.  We all need extra sleep.

As everyone can see, my SGL updates are getting shorter and less detailed.  There is little that I can do about that right now.  Between spending time with family away from the computer, losing sleep from Liesl at night and all of the business going on I just am not getting time to sit down and write.  I am trying hard just to get what I am up and posted every day.

I hate that I am falling behind now with Liesl having just arrived both because this is the section that she will be looking back on fondly someday as well as because so many of you have just started reading recently and are looking for Liesl updates.  The reality is, however, that she is sleeping pretty well and not yet at all active during the day.  So other than reporting that she is healthy and doing well there is only so much to say.  I am trying hard to get more pictures now and to keep posting them every few days.  Changes happen quickly at this age so lots of pictures are important.

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  1. Never apologize for spending time with your family. She is only this young once in her life. Anyone who has a family of their own understands.

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