December 7, 2008: A Relaxing Sunday at Home

Dominica, Liesl and I really slept in this morning.  It was nine thirty or possibly later when I finally went downstairs to see how everyone was doing and Dominica didn’t come down until at least ten thirty.

Liesl and Dominica

The title of the latest James Bond film is Quantum of Solace. Solace, of course, means to comfort in sorry or consolation.  Quantum, people often assume, means something small but actually it means something is measurable.  So a quantum of something means that it is a measurable amount of something.  A gallon of milk is a quantum of milk.  A foot of string is a quantum of string.  So is a thousand miles of string.  So literally the movie title means “A measureable amount of consolation.”  The worst part of the title is the fact that consolation is inherently non-measurable.  Not only is the title silly and pathetic but it is completely oxymoronic!

Most people dismiss the title as being silly thinking that it means “a small amount of rest” but this isn’t the case.  Nothing about the term quantum infers that the consolation (which is not the same as rest) is small.  It could mean that there is a massive amount of consolation or comfort.  Using the word quantum is making a case that what is unique and special about this movie is that they will be demonstrating some sort of consolation which can be measured in some way.  What a bizarre and impossible though.  Hollywood really needs to start highering high school graduates to double check things before they spend big money making them into movies.  The inability for the entire movie industry to fail to display the education of a third grader continues to amaze me.

Overall it was a pretty quiet day here in Peekskill.  It is Sunday and we are all resting quite a bit.

Dominica and I spent some time just relaxing in the living room with Liesl while everyone else went out shopping for a while this afternoon.  I got a chance to really play some Fable 2 again.  Dominica is really enjoying just watching me play the game.  There is so much storyline and important events happening that it is a lot like watching a movie (much like Dragon Quest VIII.)  For those wondering how far through the game I am, I am just completed “The Crucible” but have been spending a lot of time on side quests, jobs (like Bounty Hunter) and on achievements.

After shopping everyone returned but not long after they went back out to New City Diner for dinner while Dominica and I stayed at home.  Then they brought dinner home for us.

This evening everyone watched a 1970s Sean Connery, Don Sutherland film about a Victorian era British train robbery.  Nothing gripping but it was cute and entertaining.

I got paged out at eleven this evening and worked for an hour before the overnight shift came on and took over from me.

Dominica and I stayed up rather late tonight watching Kate and Alley on Netflix because we were waiting for Liesl to wake up to take her bottle (she gets a bottle now at night so that she will sleep for a little while.)  That ended up keeping us up until after one in the morning.  I am back to work as usual tomorrow so I do need some sleep.

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