December 8, 2008: Last Day with Family in Peekskill

I didn’t even get to sleep in until it was time for work this morning because I got paged out to keep working on the same problem that there was last night at eleven that was not wrapped up during the overnight shift.  So I only got about six hours of sleep at maximum if that.  Dominica and Liesl slept for a while longer.

I managed to get a bunch more Liesl pictures edited and uploaded to Flickr this morning.  Using the Nikon with the SB-600 SpeedLight really makes it easy to take pictures in the house.  What a blessing that I bought that SpeedLight more than a year ago.

Dad, aunt Sharon and uncle Leo went out to Pastel’s for breakfast late this morning around ten and brought back take out for Dominica and I.  My morning at work was extremely busy.  It was just one request after another coming in as quickly as we could handle them.  There are a lot of people out this week making it very difficult to keep up as we also have to figure out what to do with all of the requests which normally are handled by other people and no one is running triage.

After breakfast dad, aunt Sharon and uncle Leo set to work working on installing the “drip tray” under the washing machine which is located on the second floor of our house.  Why a washer was installed without a drip tray to protect the structure of the house I have no idea.

While installing the drip tray (which doesn’t fit as there is no room at all in that tiny space) they discovered that the dryer was installed completley unsafely and that it really wasn’t working.  The dryer vent was smashed so that almost no air could get into it and the lint trap was so full of lint that it held water!  It is a miracle that the thing didn’t blow up for the previous owners.  It appears that they installed it themselves instead of having an installer do it for them which would explain why it matches all of the faulty wiring, missing GFI and sloppy paint all over the place.

Hours were spent working on the washer and dryer.  We even considered running out and buying a new dryer because there were so many problems.  It was a pretty major project.  Eventually they figured something out though that will hold us for a while safely but with the dryer sticking into the hallway slightly.  Sometime after Christmas dad is planning on coming down again depending on the weather.  Maybe in January or February if we get some nice days.

Work remained pretty busy all day and I didn’t get a chance to leave the “office” until after seven making for an eleven hour straight day.  Pretty long.

There wasn’t much chance for an evening after getting done after seven.  We had had a really early dinner around five thirty that aunt Sharon and uncle Leo picked up from Beach Shopping Center.  So now that I was done with work we just hung out in the living room with Liesl and watched The Gameplan again.  Even though we have Hulu and Netflix and CBS all working via PlayOn on the PS3 there is no easy way to sort through all of the available material and the Netflix queue only includes stuff for Dominica to watch and no one felt much like watching many of her picks.

We headed off to bed around ten thirty.  Not too bad.

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