June 13, 2009: Super Ultra Mega Patching Day

Liesl was really restless last night.  Dominica and I did not get very much sleep.  Dominica was up with Liesl for much of the night.

I got up at eight and so did Liesl.  She came down to the basement office with me and helped me work for about an hour.  We love our early morning office time together.  She is so happy to just go downstairs with me and watch me work.

At nine Liesl fell back asleep upstairs in her pack and play and slept for another hour or an hour and a half.  She slept for so long and so well that when she and Dominica finally got up Dominica had no idea that Liesl had ever been up with me!

I am working really hard today to try to get caught back up with SGL.  I know that the posts have fallen very far behind this week.  It has been a busy week and there was not much that I could do.  For the most part, though, it was a rather uneventful week so you did not miss much.

Liesl continues to grow and change at an astonishing pace.  It is so neat being a new father.  Every morning there is a new expression, a new sound or something.  She is not yet crawling and I think that we have several days yet, at least, before she does.  She does try quite a bit and we are giving her a lot of time down on the floor trying to encourage her.  She is almost able to stand herself up so we are concerned that she will attempt to walk rather than crawl first which is not supposed to be good for development.

Dominica and Liesl went out to the grocery store first thing this morning.  We were getting pretty low on foodstuffs so it needed to be done and our schedule does not allow for a lot of flexibility.

My work for today ended up being orders of magnitude more involved than I had imagined.  I got started nice and early this morning but that didn’t help at all.  I should have started, apparently, at nine last night and worked all through the night on this.  I am doing Linux server patching and there are so many patches to apply to so many machines and so many problems with the update process that it ended up taking for forever.  My first patch alone ended up taking eight and a half hours!  And that was with ten to fifteen percent of the machines scheduled to be patched being skipped as the patch doesn’t work properly on them!

At three this afternoon Dominica and Liesl packed up and drove on down to New Jersey to go to a PartyLight party (I believe that that is the right name) that Dunia is throwing.  So Oreo and I are left home alone.  Today was really the best possible day for Dominica to have something like this going on since I am so busy anyway.  Now I do not have to feel bad about working all day.

I worked until pretty late.  Around eight in the evening.  I also did a lot around the house.  I cleaned all through the downstairs and I finally got around to scrubbing the floor in our bedroom which was stained when we originally bought the house.  Lots of good work that needed to be done.  Very productive day.

Dominica and Liesl got home and wanted to order in dinner.  So I ordered from Forno’s and we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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