June 14, 2009: Liesl’s Second Tooth

Today was incredibly long.  I had to work today, obviously, but that was not a problem.  It was a very light day and it went quite well.  Liesl is teething, though, and that is a killer.  Her first tooth came in last Sunday (one week ago today) and today her second tooth is coming in, and she is quite unhappy.

Liesl decided that the only thing that would make her happy was having her daddy around.  So I was holding her almost the entire day.  She did not sleep well last night at all, presumably because of her tooth, so she was really exhausted today which just exascerbates the toothache.  Because she was in pain she was unable to nap as well so she just got worse and worse throughout the day.

I did manage to do just a tiny bit of reading and finished “Practical Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python” from the Pragmatic Programmers.  A great book for someone looking to get into serious programming but who does not know where to start looking.  A little more advanced than a normal “learning to program” book but it does start from the beginning and takes you through a lot of concepts very quickly.  It is a condensed version of a collegiate introduction to computer science class.

I gave Oreo his bath today.  He has really been needing one.  The weather has been cold bit it is pretty warm today so I figured that this would be a good day.  He is so good about taking his baths.  He just stands in the shower and takes a shower like a person would.

Dominica tried to work on her college classes today.  She is doing Perl programming.  The idea was that today I would have a lot more time to be able to spend watching Liesl and answering questions than most days.  That did not end up being very true.  I was able to watch Liesl more than usual – it ended up being a real necessity.  I watched her almost all day.  Not just watched her but held her almost all day.  I could never be out of her sight.

Dominica did manage to get some of her class done.  We had hoped that she would have been able to have completely finished it today.  She was lucky to just just over one quarter of it finished.  It is really hard to do homework when there is a baby screaming inconsolably for most of the day.  Very distracting.

I tried to do a little Clojure programming today as well and that really was not going to be a possibility.

Normally Liesl falls asleep around seven to nine in the evening.  We were thinking that because she had not napped today and because she had had no sleep last night (or not much) that she would fall asleep early tonight.  Not so.

Liesl sat on my lap while we watched The Gilmore Girls for most of the evening.  Having the television on helped to calm her and snuggling with me meant that she was not upset and looking for me.  Eventually, around ten or a little later.  She fell asleep on my chest.  We dared not move her in case she would wake up so I sat there motionless until midnight when she felt that she was probably so asleep that moving her upstairs would not wake her up.  It did not and she was able to go really go to bed at midnight as were we – far later than we would normally go to bed.  We have done a really good job of moving our sleep schedule forward significantly in the last month or so.  At least I have.  Now that Dominica has her Kindle she will go to bed but stays up reading for most of the night.

I managed to order my replaced hard drives for the Proliant DL185 G5 today.  Two 1.5TB Seagate drives with which to start.  I am trying to hold off buying any additional drives until I can get them in 2TB sizes and, hopefully, in the new 5,900 RPM Low Power configuration from Seagate.

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