June 22, 2009: Walking to Mohawk

Summer arrived today.  Up until today it has been nice and cool.  Almost continuous rain.  Often in the sixties.  Today it is hot, sunny and humid.  I checked the forecast for the week and it is supposed to be hot and nasty all week.  And, of course, it is this week that we are without air conditioning.  That did not work out perfectly.  Now I am really glad that I turned on the air conditioning in the house before we left (I set it to eighty) just in case it got really warm.  It was hard to believe that it would having been so cold that we couldn’t keep all of the windows open up until the time that we left Peekskill.

This morning I learned that Eastman Kodak is discontinuing Kodachrome film.  It was announced today.  I started using Kodachrome 64 film, a standard for professional photographers, especially photojournalists, around 1989.  It was never my normal film which was almost always Ektachrome 100 during my chemical film days but I did use Kodachrome 64 and even Kodachrome 25 from time to time.  Kodachrome began being manufactured, in Rochester, in 1935.  Seventy-four years they have been making this classic film.  There is almost nowhere left where someone can even get the film processed.  It is truly the end of an era.

I am on early morning support this week.  It sounds bad but actually works out pretty well to be the week that I am out of town.

Liesl got up early with me this morning and then hung out with Francesca for a while while I was working and before Dominica got up.  Dominica slept in pretty late not coming down to join us until around ten or so!

Work and SpiceWorks were really busy this morning.  It was all that I could do to keep up with the pace of incoming emails.  Very crazy.

Around noonish, Dominica and Francesca took the youngins out to do some shopping.  They ended up being gone for pretty much the entire day.  They got home around four thirty in the evening.  That was a long day of shopping.

Tonight at dinner, Liesl was so exhausted that she fell asleep with her head down on the dining room table.  She was so adorable.  We ended up putting her to bed at seven – before we were even done with dinner.

After dinner, Frank and I walked the girl, Madeline and Emily, down to the Knight Spot for some ice cream.  We got back to the house and then, after dropping them off, I went out for an evening walk since Liesl was already asleep.

After work I set out on a nice, long walk.  Much longer than I did yesterday.  I have a great book on my iPod that I am listening to so I am really enjoying the time out walking.  And the exercise is great.  Today I walked from Frankfort to Mohawk which was 3.9 miles in each direction for a total of 7.8 miles.  I got back to the house at around eleven.  It was just cool enough to not be uncomfortable walking that much.  Here is my route.  Had I realized how close I was to Herkimer I would have just kept on going the extra little bit to go all of the way.

I worked for about an hour after returning to the house.  I was a little soar after all of that walking but I felt pretty good.  I am definitely glad that I went out for the walk.  I’ve missed my iPod time too.  I like to keep up with my reading but it is hard to do these days.  Both walks together today were easily over eight miles.

It was around midnight when I finally got a chance to head off to bed.

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