June 23, 2009: Almost Another Travel Day

I had a little bit of blistering this morning.  Nothing bad, but I think that I need to take today off from walking or else I might have a problem.

I was up nice and early this morning so that I could get downstairs and start work at six thirty.  Oreo decided that the bed was comfy so he stayed upstairs for several more hours while I worked.

It is pretty warm today.  Temperatures are way from what we have gotten used to and the sun is out today.  It was out most of yesterday as well but was still partially overcast.  Today it was just sunny here in Utica.

Dominica, Liesl, Oreo and I are still in Frankfort, New York today, for those of you not completely up on your SGL reading.

There was a lot of work to be done today.  I spent pretty much the entire day sitting at the computer in the dining room.  Not the most exciting way to spend the day.  I kind of like working from Frankfort, though, because I am in the middle of the action rather than being hidden away down in the basement corner where no one can see me or talk to me.  I am not used to having so many people around when I am working.

Lunch today was pizza from Big Willy’s around the corner.  The guys recognize me there which is funny since I do not live here.  They have such awesome pizza though.  I eat pizza there more often than I eat it from anywhere else or about the same as I eat it from Davis’ Pizza in Pavilion, New York.  But dad gets the pizza most of the time from Davis’ so they never see me.  We have yet to find anyplace in Peekskill with really amazing pizza.  That is something that we really miss.  However, not having really awesome pizza available just a phonecall away is not exactly a bad thing!  We have stopped eating pizza significantly and that is good for our health and pocketbooks.

I had a server die out in Peoria today.  What a pain.  Was pretty sure that nothing was going to be able to be done remotely so I started planning on driving out there after work today so that I could deal with it.  I was not planning on going out to dad’s house until Thursday night and was very sad that I was going to have to leave Liesl for five days!  I was going to take Oreo with me, of course.  Dominica even packed up my suitcase and CPAP while I was working so that I could leave promptly.

Fortunately the server ended up being repairable remotely.  Thank goodness for good virtualization technologies.  And thank goodness for Mozy backup that made me only have to worry about the inconvenience and not the safety of the data itself.  I don’t need that added stress.

So Dominica unpacked me and Liesl was happy.  It is bad enough that I will be away from her on Thursday night and all day Friday and much of Saturday.  Thursday night will be minimal as she goes to sleep early and I cannot leave until somewhat late.  So at most we will miss an hour of each other.  Saturday I expect to get back to Frankfort in the early evening so I will see her some.  So basically missing two days.

This evening I worked on getting Frank’s new iPod Nano 4th Generation hooked up and working with iTunes on the computer here so that he can use it to listen to Audible.  It turns out, however, that the computer does not have the power to run iTunes.  iTunes being one of the worst pieces of software known to man – it practically defines everything that you shouldn’t do with software.  Bloated, useless and the most confusing and pointless interface imaginable.  How anyone uses iTunes and iPods and thinks that Apple has the slightest clue about interfaces I will never understand.  iTunes runs so slowly on their 2.4GHz Celeron with 1.25GB of RAM that it could take thirty seconds to a full minute for the application to respond to a button click!  It was completely unable to transfer files.  I shut down the antivirus and everything else that was running to try to help it but nothing was going to make it function.  iTunes is barely functional on Dominica dual-core, 64bit laptop with 3GB of RAM so I suppose that we should have guessed that this would be a problem.  iTunes has been on here for a long time, though, and I thought that they were using it previously.  This means that their AppleTV is not functioning either.

So the iPod is being returned as it just doesn’t work.  Instead we found a Creative Zen Mozaic EZ300 that supports the same features and has the same capacity as the iPod for quite a bit less than half the price – and likely will work significantly better.  Apple just can’t get their software to work.  I can’t believe that a company so large that makes so much software can be so bad at it so consistently.  But, it isn’t like Apple users care if it works.  So why should Apple spend extra money making it good when they make more money leaving it as it is.  Oh well.  This money is going to Creative instead.

I worked most of the evening after Liesl went to bed early.  She has started getting really sleepy around dinner time.  I think that being away from home and having so much going on all day is wearing her out more quickly than normal.  People are going to think that she sleeps a lot more than she really does.

I managed to get an article written tonight that I have been wanting to get done for a while so I was happy about that.  Dominica went to bed around eleven and Oreo and I went to bed a little past midnight.

No big plans for tomorrow.  Just more normal work.

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