July 12, 2009: Returning to Peekskill

I was up at six this morning. Ugh. Joe had come in to say goodbye to Dominica around five and I had only barely woken up when he did that. I am going to see him for several days very soon so he did not wake me up before leaving.

I had the car packed and pretty much ready to go before waking Dominica up close to seven.  She was really exhausted and Liesl had not woken up yet, but we were out of time and really had to be getting on to the road.

We were out the door around seven thirty and in Amsterdam, New York but ten after eight (according to my Twitter feed) where we got breakfast at the Mohawk rest stop McDonald’s on the New York Thruway.  We got gas there and ate in the car as we drove which we are trying to do as much as possible these days to minimize the length of our trips.  Having Liesl means that any time that we go into a rest stop, even just to grab a quick bite, that it will be almost an hour if not more.  It really cuts the trip down if we eat in the car.

We got home at a good time.  It is nice to be home knowing that we don’t have to travel for almost two weeks.  Much longer for Dominica.  We have been missing our home these last few weeks with all of the traveling that we have been doing.

I worked all day and did what I could to get caught up.  I managed to get a lot of photos posted to Flickr today.  I have a lot of pictures from this weekend to edit and post so expect to see them coming for the next few days.  I had a lot of email to get caught up on today as well.  I have been “off the grid” pretty significantly this weekend.

Once work was wrapped up for the day Dominica made some BLTs for dinner and we decided to just spend the evening relaxing and watching some Franky and Annette classics: Beach Blanket Bingo and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. Both were incredibly weak but there is always something entertaining about classic, 1960s “B” movies.  They are fun even though they are horrible.

We went to bed on the early side tonight.  The whole family was really tired and we were all very much looking forward to the opportunity to sleep in our own bed.

Tonight we decided that it was time for Liesl to switch to sleeping in her own bedroom.  She has slept there a little before but never really spent any significant time in that room.  Tonight she is in her crib, all by herself.  It is a bit sad moving her out of our room.  It’s been seven months of always having her somewhere nearby so that we could hear her sigh, moan, cough, sneeze, etc.  She is only just down the hall and we leave the doors open so it’s not like she isn’t still audible from our room but it is not the same.

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