July 13, 2009: Back to the Grind

Back to the grind.  It is so nice to have a day that does not involve any type of travel or driving whatsoever.  I just want to sit all day and do nothing.

Today Liesl’s new protective barrier system arrived from Amazon.  It is a fold out plastic cage system that we can use to either keep Liesl away from all of the stereo equipment and the fireplace or to keep her away from the basement stairs in case we need to leave that door open.  Originally Dominica thought that we were going to need to spend almost two hundred dollars on a system like this but found a great on one Amazon for only about sixty which was very nice.

Liesl is really mobile now.  She gets around the house like nobody’s business.  She just crawls wherever she wants.  If Dominica goes into the kitchen then Liesl will just crawl after her.

There was plenty of work to keep me quite busy today.  Lots of catchup from the weekend.

This evening we continued watching bad sixties “B” movies with Muscle Beach Party and Ski Party. Really, really bad but still funny.

It was another early-ish night for us.  Liesl is in her crib again.  It worked well last night.  She seemed to be pretty happy.  It definitely makes it al ot easier for us that we do not have to worry about waking her up every time that we move or that Oreo decides to get out of bed to scratch.

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