August 23, 2009: Hanging with the Ohioans

Liesl was up during the night so Dominica did not even get a solid four hours of sleep before she had to get up before six this morning to work on our Disney reservations.  I think that she was up until around two last night just preparing for them.  She moved the laptop up to our bedroom and had everything set up so that she could just wake up and work on them.  Today is the ninety day mark before our vacation in Florida begins in November and the food is a major component of that trip so both Dominica and Francesca and simultaneously working on the reservations this morning right at the moment that Disney opens its reservation lines.  You really have to be dedicated to this process if you want to get the right meals at the right time and especially when we have a party of ten and want to do all of the really exclusive things like all three princess meals including one at Cinderella’s castle.

Dominica and Francesca did a great job getting reservations and we have quite the impressive lineup of food at Walt Disney World this Thanksgiving week coming up in late November.  We will be eating at one exciting restaurant after another.  Many that Dominica and I have eat at before and many that are new to everyone.  The restaurant to which I am most looking forwarding to trying is the new Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom.

Today was our day to really visit with the family from Ohio. They have a continental breakfast over at the Peekskill Inn so they ate over there.  We got some sleep and hung out, just dad, Dominica, Liesl and I at the house until everyone over at the Peekskill Inn was ready to come over and visit.

Mostly we all just visited at the house today.  I did have to work so we were unable to actually go anywhere during the day.  That was probably best.  We were able to just relax for much of the day and everyone got a chance to really spend some time with Liesl.

For the most part I was able to actually relax and visit with everyone today.  I had to work solidly in the basement for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon but it was not too bad at all.

After my work was over (or overish, at least) we all drove out to Grandma’s in Yorktown Heights for the early bird special on dinner.  It is a major cost saver to get the early bird at Grandma’s as Dominica discovered recently.

Everyone really enjoyed dinner.  Liesl was in rare form managing to get everyone in the restaurant to pay attention to her.  She really knows how to work a crowd.  She was very happy all through dinner.

After dinner we came back and just relaxed at the house until late.  We just took it easy which was a nice change of pace.  I managed to take some pictures while everyone was there that I hope to be able to get posted in the next few days.

We said our goodbyes tonight.  Liesl is now able to say goodbye as well!  She only gets it out once in a while but it is her first real word that she uses in conjunction with a specific event (people leaving) other than her first word (more) used when she wanted more ice cream and that she has not been using since that first day or two.  She still mumbles out mama or dada from time to time but is not speaking very much.  Just having her say “bye” from time to time is pretty exciting.

We will not see the Ohioans tomorrow.  Grandma, grandpa and aunt Gayle are going to leave directly from the motel and head straight back to Canton, Ohio in the morning.  Dad is staying with us and will likely stay through lunch and then head back home himself.  We still need to unload his car before he goes too.

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