August 28, 2009: Camera Stuff

People argue the most adamently when they are most convinced that they are wrong.

Another crazily busy day.  No spare time whatsoever.

The hot streak finally broke today.  It was raining from before I woke up this morning and on all day. It was great.  We finally got a chance to shut off the air conditioning and open up all of the windows and get some fresh air into the house for a change.  It is the quietest that the house has been in months with the A/C and blower off and the servers all moved into the utility room.

Today most all of my new camera gear arrived.  The camera itself, the Nikon D90, arrived yesterday.  Today the new 18-200mm lens arrived along with the 16GB SHDC memory card and the Nikon GPS unit that attaches right on to the camera itself.  The only thing that I need before I really start using this thing is the 72mm Tiffen UV filter which should be here soon.  I am very excited to be able to get started testing out this new camera.  Not today, though, there just is not enough time to do that.

It was a very busy day and, once again, Liesl and I got almost no time at all to see each other.  We are both very sad.  I am very hopeful that I will get a lot of time with her this weekend because I was able to get so much work done today.

I decided to hit the office work for tomorrow this evening.  So I ended up working extremely late for the office but eliminated almost everything that I would normally have to do tomorrow.

Liesl ended up going to bed before I was able to find my way up from the basement.  I decided that since I did not get a chance to spend the evening with her that I would just end up working instead.  Liesl went to bed around nine thirty.  Dominica and Oreo turned in at about eleven thirty.  It turned out to be closer to five thirty in the morning when I finally got a chance to head off to bed.  I did get quite a bit accomplished, though, both work-related as well as a massive number of CDs converted.  The entire stack of CDs that dad shipped down the last time that he came is just about done.

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