August 29, 2009: Crazy Saturday

I was seriously exhausted this morning when the phone rang around nine thirty.  Just four hours of sleep.  It has been like this much of the week.  I need a nice, relaxing night where I do nothing all evening and get to sleep in really late the next morning.Liesl Playing with Cheer Bear

John, the surfing IT wizard, and I got right to work first thing this morning.  He started at eight and I joined him online a little later.  We have a very busy project day today and no time to waste.

The final piece of my new camera rig arrived today – the 72mm Tiffen UV filter that I need in order to protect my new lens.  Now I can really start using everything.  I am very excited.

I got pretty much no time at all to see Dominica or Liesl all day.  I was locked away in the basement attempting to be productive.  I did get just a tiny chance to run up and take a few pictures with the camera today.  I’m going to be lucky if I have any time to test this camera and equipment out before I need to take it to Europe!  That trip is coming up fast and I need to start getting ready.  Not this weekend though.  Just way too busy.

After dinner this evening Liesl was so tired that she actually fell asleep right in her high chair in the dining room!  She has never done that before.  Dominica came running to get me to help her with the new camera so that we could get a picture of her.  Liesl slept right through me taking three pictures of her, two of them with the flash on.Liesl Fell Asleep While Eating

The weather broke and we got some serious rain today.  I did not have a chance to enjoy it but it was there.  It is much cooler out than it has been recently.  We get tired of the heat pretty quickly.

John and I ended up working all day.  The entire day.  It was exhausting.  I knew that we were going to have a lot to do today but was not really expecting it to be this much.  I am always surprised by how much work there is to do on the weekend.

It was around midnight when I was finally able to wrap up.  The entire day was spent in the basement.  And I had thought that maybe I would have some time to relax today. Ha.

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