August 30, 2009: A Day with Liesl

After all of the tons of work that I have been doing I tried very hard to set today aside as time to spend with Liesl.  We have really been missing each other a lot this week.Liesl at the Screen Door

We slept in a bit this morning – the only real chance to get real sleep all week.  That felt great.

The day was spent pretty much just relaxing.  We camped out in the living room and visited as a family.  The weather is nice and we have the air conditioning turned off and are enjoying fresh air for a change.

It was a cool, bright day during the day and then the rain came in the evening.  It was really nice to get some time to relax and do nothing.

Liesl’s forehead bruise is much improved today.  There is no missing it though.  It is several days old now and still quite bad but improving day by day.  It definitely does not bother her at all.  But it makes her look so sad.

We had a minor adventure this evening when Dominica discovered that a centipede had entered the house and climbed up on to her while she was sitting in the love seat in the living room!  Right in the middle of the only populated room in the entire house this centipede decided to not just hang out but to actually aggressively go after Dominica!  People who have not dealt extensively with centipedes really do not understand just how aggressive they are and how much they will actually go after people if they are not moving quickly enough.Liesl Has a Bump on Her Noggin

Dominica freaked out, of course, and got the centipede, luckily a small one, onto a bright spot of fabric where we were able to see it.  We moved the love seat, shook the centipede onto a hard surface and were able to kill it without further incident.  Not happy about that though.  We did not want to deal with any more centipedes after living in North Brunswick.  Shudders.

Nothing really to report today.  Just a nice day spending time with the family.  We had Domino’s for dinner.  We tried their hot sandwiches which were really good.

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