October 5, 2009: Way Behind

My latest article, The Agony and the Ecstasy of RAID, was published by Datamation today.  I am very happy that this one got posted because it is very similar to another article that they ran the day that I submitted this one and I had a feeling that they would not run this one because of the other one.  But they ran it and it is both one of the headlines today and I also have my picture on Datamation’s front page.  Awesome!

Wow am I ever behind now.  Totally, completely behind.  My desktop has been having serious connectivity problems and it is really impacting my ability to get anything done.

Today is my first day really working with Rackspace Email.  We did the migration yesterday and today I am getting used to it and making the transition to this being the center of my life’s communications.  Today I got it hooked up to sync to my BlackBerry which is really awesome.  I have not had this feature previously so having my calendar, contacts and tasks sync from my webmail to my mobile device in addition to my email itself is totally rocking.  I’m not sure that I would pay more for this feature but having it included is a total win.  I’m sure that I will find myself becoming completely addicted to this.

Liesl slept in really late this morning.  She and Dominica did not get up until at least eight thirty which is two hours later than Liesl normally sleeps.  She must have done some serious growing last night to need so much rest.  I am sure that Dominica is loving the chance to sleep in.

I found out today that Rackspace is moving their JungleDisk product into the commercial server backup space.  That should be very exciting.  I will be checking that out soon especially as they are going to support Linux systems and not only Windows and Mac.

I finally got the chance to order my new HP laptop today.  I have a lot of travel stuff coming up really soon and it is really important that I have an awesome laptop that will allow me to really work remotely.  I can’t keep working from my old one for the type of work that I need to do and the amount of it that I need to do.  So I sucked it up and ordered a $1,000 laptop plus a nice docking station to make using it at my desk even easier (moving me up to four screens now at my desk once it arrives!)  I really need to have it by this weekend so I asked them to put a rush on it.  I am hopeful that I will have it before dad comes to visit this weekend because he is getting my old laptop and we are not in a position to be down a laptop in the interim.

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