October 6, 2009: New Laptop

My new HP Compaq 6735b laptop arrived this morning!  I can’t believe that I ordered it in the middle of the afternoon yesterday and that it is already here before noon.  This is awesome.  I am so impressed.  I bought it through Softmart.  They rock.  This is a really nice laptop.  It is the best AMD-based laptop that HP offers.  Dual core Turion 64 X2 2.2GHz processor, 4G RAM, 500GB drive, 802.11n, BlueTooth, 1280×800 glossy bright screen, DVD burner, etc.  Great unit at a great price with the all out 3 year commercial warranty.  Only way to go.  The unit shipped installed with Windows XP Pro and came with copies of Vista 32 and Vista 64 as well but the really nice thing is that it comes with a coupon to get Windows 7 Business when it releases on October 22nd.  So I am just going to use the unit with Windows XP installed until I get my copy of 7 for this machine.  I already have Windows 7 running on my main desktop and have been using it for quite some time now and Dominica just recently switched to it for her laptop as well and she really likes it too.  So we are going to be completely migrated from XP and Vista to 7 before November!

We ordered a copy of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth on BluRay today.  It is the final three episodes of the entire series made years after the series was completed.  There were eight original seasons and then Back to Earth was done as a short mini-series.  We are very excited to have more RD to watch again after all of these years.  We haven’t seen a new one in so long.

My day was spent mostly getting my laptop working.  Tons of software and configurations to get set up even just to use it for the next few weeks.  I will need to rebuild it again with 7 once we return from Texas.  Until I do the rebuild the system can only see 2.5GB of its 4GB of RAM so I am really looking forward to getting a 64bit OS installed.

Dominica did a Linux server build project today.  She built a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 AMD64 server running on Xen and then installed and configured OpenFire which is an instant messaging XMPP server.  It is great to have OpenFire back up and running again.  We had OpenFire working as a part of the Zimbra installation that we have been using for the last several years but the Zimbra version of OpenFire was extremely limited compared to the real thing and we really missed the functionality.  It was a really good project for Dominica as well.

Sorry, it was a technology heavy day at the Miller household.

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