October 7, 2009: Router Change

This morning I got up and drove down to the Maple Avenue Deli to pick up breakfast sandwiches for Dominica and I and breakfast potatoes for Dominica.  She loves breakfast potatoes.  While I was there I saw on the news that we have a major wind storm heading our way today and we are under severe wind warnings all day.

Today I finally decided to suck it up and take the time to swap out my Netgear ProSafe FVS336G router for my Prosafe FVX538 router to see if that would help to make a difference with the DNS lookup issues that we have been having.  We have been having horrible problems for quite some time now and it is just too much.  The issues are so weird and sporadic that we are grasping at straws trying to find the culprit.

After making the router change we noticed an improvement in the DNS behaviour.  All very odd and confusing.  At least our network is somewhat workable again even if we don’t know why.  I am convinced that the issue is not with the router itself but perhaps in the way that the router interacts with the environment.  It will take a lot of testing to really have a good picture of what is wrong.

The wind came this evening and it was really impressive.  The woods out back were just swirling and bending for hours.  It was really noisy.

No real news for today.  Pretty much silent on Twitter and SGL.  This week has just been insanely busy and I am way behind on everything.

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