October 8, 2009: Jammed Window

The temperature here in the lower Hudson Valley dropped dramatically last night.  Our bedroom window, the one above Dominica’s side of the bed, got jarred from the major windstorm that we had last night and was unable to be closed.  So our bedroom was cold, cold, cold this morning.  We will need to figure out what is wrong with that window quickly or this is going to turn into a problem.

Today was a really long and busy work day.  I was exhausted and stressed out by late afternoon so I broke out the rum and Pepsi.  Our BluRay of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth arrived today too which is good timing as I need it today.

This afternoon Dominica took the Brainbench Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 exam and passed with flying colours.  She has been nervous about the exam as you never know what material is going to covered on a Brainbench exam and they are very difficult as a rule.  She got a very good score and is currently ranked number nine in New York State on her very first attempt!  Very impressive.  When we move to Texas and she moves her records from NY to Texas she will move up to number five in that state.  I am hoping that she retakes the test, though, as  think that she is well prepared to pull off a master’s certification and move up the rankings into a national spot.

After work was done we sat down and watched the three episodes of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. It was pretty good.  A relatively appropriate ending to the long running show.  Definitely strange seeing the actors working together again after so long and very weird seeing that show that used to be done with such a low budget on BluRay now.  It looks very different now.

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