November 10, 2009: Covering the Early Shift

I am on the early shift at work today so I was up around six this morning so that I could be logged in and working at six thirty.  Ugh.  I’ve been fighting hard to get enough sleep for weeks and it just doesn’t seem like that is going to be happening .  I just can’t seem to get a chance to get enough sleep.

Starting last night, Andy and I noticed some serious problems coming from DynDNS.  Resolution of DNS domains has been all messed up.  That is causing rather a problem for us.

Yesterday I updated by Vonage telephone account and now have unlimited global calling to just about everywhere.  So to test it out I gave a call to Ramona in China.  We talked for about an hour this morning.

Work wasn’t too busy today.  It got decently slow this afternoon.  I was able to play a little Oblivion today.  I am really enjoy it.  Far more now than I was before.  I like really long games that give you plenty of time to become attached to the game.  You get to know your way around and to get to know the characters and the plot pretty well.  It is more fun when you have time to form at attachment.   I have now played Oblivion about as long as it took me to beat Dragon Quest VIII.  It is probably the single most played game that I have ever played except, of course, for Age of Empires II, but that is a very different animal.

Liesl is all back to normal these days.  She is over being sick and has gotten her energy back and is driving us crazy again never giving us a chance to rest.  She definitely lost a lot of ground being really sick for eight days.  She should have been walking by now.  But she is getting back to her old self quickly and will make up the time soon.

I am on the early shift again tomorrow so off to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

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